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Effexor Buy

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certain conditions, determinable quantities of formaldehyde are produced,, these quantities being considerably augmented in the presence of ammonia^ aniline, phenylhydrazine, or aluminum hydroxide. Furthermore, that formic acid may also be reduced to formaldehyde under the influence of magnesium, from which it follows that the reduction of carbon dioxide Digitized by Google GLYCERLN. 353 may be carried out in tivo steps, with formic acid as intermediary product. Regarding the known Methods for the Detection of Formaldehyde ^ the author regards the fol- lowing three to be the most pronounced : i . With phenylhydrazine chlor- hydrate, sodium Effexor Buy nitropnisside and sodium hydroxide solution, a transient blue color. 2. With alcoholic solution of gallic acid and concentrated sulphuric acid, development of a blue zone. 3. With resorcin solution and concentrated sulphuric acid, development of a red or red-violet zone. Pharm. Ztg., lii (1907), No. 72, 748 ; from Proc. Chem. Soc., 23 (1907), 83-84. Formaldehyde Carbazole a New Reagent, Carbazole (CwHgNH) dis- solves in concentrated sulphuric acid to a yellow solution, which on care- fully warming becomes colorless and then reddish-violet. Emilio Gabuttt finds, however, that Effexor Buy in the presence of mere traces of formaldehyde (i : loooo) Effexor Buy a blue color is formed, and if the amount of formaldehyde is considerable a bluish -green precipitate may even be produced. Acetic aldehyde under the same conditions gives a yellow or reddish-yellow color. The reaction may also be employed for detecting formaldehyde in milk, in which case a few drops of the milk should be added to a solution of carbazole in an excess of concentrated sulphuric acid ; in the absence of formaldehyde a reddish color will develop instead of a blue. The reaction is more delicate if performed on the distillate obtained by blowing a cur- rent of steam through the previously neutralized milk. Pharm. Journ., Aug. 3, 1907, 185 ; from Boll. Chim. Farm., 46 (1907), 349. Formaldehyde Solutions Influence of Light and Heat not Very Pro- nounced. Experiments made by J. W. de Waal, with the particular object of ascertaining to what extent exposure of formaldehyde to light and heat is concerned in its polymerization and in its conversion into formic acid, lead to the conclusion that under the influence of daylight the conversion into formic acid is so slight as to be almost negligible. Its influence is accelerated, however, very decidedly if minute quantities of ferric chloride are present, and to a still higher degree under the simultaneous action of heat. Heat, alone, promotes the formation of acid, but here also only if it is prolonged and sufficiently intense (50 C.) The author concludes that, although exclusion of direct light and heat will protect formaldehyde from conversion into formic acid, the protection from light required by most pharmacopoeias is not absolutely essential. Pharm. Ztg., lii (1907), No. 89, 933 ; from Pharm. Weekbl., 1907, No. 40. Glycerin Solvent Properties on Effexor Buy Salts^ etc, Ossendowski has determined the solubility of a number of salts, etc., in glycerin prepared from a seed- oil, and of exceptional Effexor Buy purity. 100 parts Effexor Buy by weight of this glycerin dis- solved at 15 -16 C, the following quantities of the substances named : 23 Digitized by Google 354 RE3>ORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. Ammonium carbonate 20.00 Ammonium chloride 20.06 Barium chloride 9.73 Benzoic acid 10.21 Borax 60.00 Boric add i i.o Calcium sulphate 5.17 Copper acetate lo.o Copper sulphate 36.30 Iodine 2.0 Mercuric chloride 8.00 Oxalic acid 15.10 Phosphorus 0.25 Potassium arsenate 50>I3 Pharm. Journ., Nov. 2, 1907, 575 Russe. Potassium chlorate 3.54 Potassium chloride 3.72 Potassium cynaide 3i'S4 Potassium iodide 39.72
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